11000 (drawing on photography 2004-2009)

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11000 from MILAN ZULIC on Vimeo.

1 thought on “11000 (drawing on photography 2004-2009)

  1. These photographs, that are no more photographs, impress not only in their sheer volume but they (in their new form) also provide an all together different visual dimension/perspective. The artist had used photographic waste (oldĀ  unwanted photographs) upon which he applied various acids and hydrogen peroxides thus creating kaleidoscopic shapes that were then turned into drawings by careful and uneven removal of the surface. The author allows the original photographic pigment to show in places so that in turn they reflect his intuitive artistic expression. Eleven thousand images speak for eleven thousand miniature works of art and within eleven thousand photographs there are as many associative, geometric and expressive abstractions. With their unusual slits, splits and cuts, these photos visually verbalize thoughts on warm summer breeze, traveling and as such represent lucid imprints of images incarnated within the abstract and imaginative surrounding. All this proves that this artist, who cannot be measured by the volume of this exhibition, is not only someone with an enormous artistic potential but also someone who’s best work is to come…

    Radmila Savcic
    Art historian

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