Milan Zulic (Sombor, 1972)
Award winning multimedia artist. Showed his paintings, sculptures, photography, video and extended media since 1992 on 32 solo exhibitions and more then 200 collective in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Rijeka, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Napoli, Trieste, Sofia, Athens, Skopje, Barcelona, St.Petersburg, Marseille, Zürich, Warsaw, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Shillong, Sao Paulo, Vitoria, Leon, Toluca, Coventry, Cairo, Walparaiso, Newark, Sao Luis, Rennes, Nantes, St Malo, Maubeuge, Stuttgart, Antwerp, Liège, Luxembourg, Moscow, Guadalahara, Monterrey, Mexico City, Rome…


- First prize for the drawing “Borderline areas of erotica” Shock gallery of Art clinic, Novi Sad 2003
- Third prize for photography “Speech by Color” , Epson+ReFoto, Beograd 2010
- Third prize for photography “Photography of Vojvodina” , Novi Sad 2011
- Jury prize for the best design – Dell creative competition, Dell computers Beograd 2012
- First prize for photo collection Horsevill , FKVSV, Novi Sad 2012
- Jury prize for video Infinity, Alternative film/video festival, Beograd 2012
- Prize for photography, VI International photo competition, Museum Night, Novi Sad 2013
- Second prize for photography, PhotoCity 2015, Sv.Lovrec, Istria, Croatia 2015
- Jury prize for video The Circle of life, AviFest, Podgorica, Montenegro 2016

Solo exhibition/selections:

1999 Apatin/Meander gallery/Paintings
2000 Apatin/Meander gallery/Teeth
2001 Beograd/SKC/Happy gallery/Teeth
2002 Beograd/SKC/Happy gallery/Talk to me
2002 Novi Sad/Podrum gallery/Talk to me
2003 Beograd/SKC/Happy gallery/Objects
2003 Novi Sad/Shock gallery of Art clinic Erotmica
2003 Apatin/Meander gallery/Talk to me
2004 Beograd/SKC/V.I.P. Art gallery/Erotmica
2004 Beograd/The big hall of SKC/DropByDrop+Marko Stoimenov+Talent Factory
2005 Novi Sad/SULUV gallery/Twines
2006 Novi Sad/The Cultural center gallery/6000
2008 Novi Beograd/Blok gallery/8000
2008 Beograd/Progres gallery/8000
2008 Beograd/SKC/6 th international Comics Showroom/Read me
2009 Subotica/Open University Gallery/9000
2011 Novi Sad/The Cultural Center Gallery/Love Story
2011 Novi Sad/SULUV Gallery/ReDesign
2012 Novi Sad/skcns FABRIKA/Drop by drop
2016 Novi Sad/Little Art Parlour Gallery/Fragments
2016 Beograd/Blok gallery/Love Story

Group exhibition/selection :

2003. Borderline areas of erotica , Shock gallery of Art clinic, Novi Sad
2004. April’s Meetings, SKC, Beograd
2005. Alternative film/video, DKSG, Beograd
2005. FONA, Rijeka, Croatia
2006. RAF, Zagreb, Croatia
2006. Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece
2006. In Difference, SKC, Beograd
2008. 37 novosdski salon, Novi Sad
2008. Art in Vojvodina Today, Novi Sad
2009. Alternative film/video, DKSG, Beograd
2009. IL Coreeografo Elettronico, Napoli, Italy
2010. Practice At Work, Epson+ReFoto, Beograd
2010. Avifest, Podgorica, Montenegro
2010. Wallpaperdance Festival, Trieste, Italy
2010. Digital Art Fest, Sofia
2010. Athens Video Dance Project, Athens, Greece
2010. Barcelona Art Conteporary Festival, Barcelona, Spain
2010. Alternative film/video, DKSG, Beograd
2010. Izolenta, St.Petersburg, Russia
2011. P’silo, Marseille, France
2011. Videomedeja, Novi Sad
2012. P’silo-Images Contre Nature, Marseille, France
2012. Alternative film/video, DKSG, Beograd
2013. Kinoteka, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2013. People with open eyes, O3one gallery, Beograd
2013. Fiva, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2014. Fiva, Santa Fe, Argentina
2015. ReFoto Autoportret, ArtGet gallery, Beograd
2015. Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
2016. CeC – Carnival of e-Creativity, Shillong, Meghalaya, India
2016. Adaf, Athens, Greece
2016. Images Contre Nature, Marseille, France
2016. File fest, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2017. Medrar Festival, Cairo, Egypt
2017. Kochi-Muzeris bienniale, Kerala, India
2017. File Fest, Sao Luis, Brazil
2017. Oodaaq Festival, Rennes, France
2017. Retransmision, Mexico city. Mexico
2018. Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany
2018. Eurovideo, Liège, Belgium