JURY AWARD FOR “INFINITY”, Sombor Art salon, Cultural centre gallery L.K.


“I have found the sea,
An ocean limitless.
I have opened a treasury unending,
Its jewels blaze with the luster of a thousand thousand suns,
And they blaze here, in my soul.
Of a sudden,
Without any effort of mine own,
I have heard the eternal Secret,
I have learned to know God.
Here in my life hath blossomed
The flower of perfect union”.

Text: Sant Tukaram (17th century)
(English version by John S. Hoyland. Original Language Marathi)
Voice: Samaneri Jayasara https://vivekahermitage.com/
Photographer: Unknown artist (Budapest, around the 1930)

Infinity from MILAN ZULIC on Vimeo.

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