Finalist at 39th “TISF” Fest, Tehran, Iran

Dear Milan Zulic,

We are very happy to inform you that your film has been selected for the international competition section of 39th Tehran International Short Film Festival to be held from 19 to 24th of October in Tehran, Iran. Congratulations again on selecting your film for the 39th edition of our festival.
Greetings from Tehran International Short Film Festival.

LINK from Iranian media: TISF
LINK from Swiss media: TISF


“I have found the sea,
An ocean limitless.
I have opened a treasury unending,
Its jewels blaze with the luster of a thousand thousand suns,
And they blaze here, in my soul.
Of a sudden,
Without any effort of mine own,
I have heard the eternal Secret,
I have learned to know God.
Here in my life hath blossomed
The flower of perfect union”.

Text: Sant Tukaram (17th century)
(English version by John S. Hoyland. Original Language Marathi)
Voice: Samaneri Jayasara
Photographer: Unknown artist (Budapest, around the 1930)

Infinity from MILAN ZULIC on Vimeo.

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