ArtReview of 2022

Exhibitions and Festivals

* Papakura Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
* 14th ROFIFE Fest, Bolu, Turkey *Jury Award*
* Taos Center for the Arts, Taos, New Mexico
* Cadence festival, Seattle, US
* Beyond Future Art Prize, Hong Kong, China *Finalist*
* Lugano Film Festival, Lugano, Switzerland
* KabayitosMicrocinema Experimental, Artist Alliance, New York, NY
* 17th Fonlad Fest, Portugal
* Elo(kuva)Kuu Fest, Finlad
* Little Islands Festival, Sikinos Island, Greece
* Sombor Art salon, Cultural centre gallery, Sombor *Jury Award*
* 15th PROYECTOR Fest, Madrid, Spain
* IBRIDA Fest, Forli, Italy
* 39th TISF Fest, Tehran, Iran *Finalist*
* Mehrspur Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland *Jury Award*
* 35e Numériques et poétiques, Marseille, France
* Black Cat Award, La Paz, Bolivia

Photo: Gabriella Weber-Njari

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