Grupna izložba “Secanja”, Millepiani, Rim, Italija 2018 / Collective exhibition “Memories” Millepiani, Rome, Italy 2018

Grupna izložba “Secanja”, 15.oktobar 2018. Millepiani, Rim, Italija /
Collective exhibition “Memories”. October 15, 2018 Millepiani, Rome, Italy /
Mostra Collettiva internazionale “Memories” 15 Ottobre 2018, Millepiani, Roma, Italy

Curated by Loosenart at Millepiani, Rome.
Evento curato da LoosenArt, Roma.

Ingresso Libero


The exhibition season at the Space Millepiani in Rome starts again with Memories, open to public from the 5th of October to the 1st of November 2018. Memory – as already suggested by the title – is the main theme of this collective exhibition showing photographic and digital artworks made by a group of artists coming from all over the world.

All the pictures selected and exhibited here intend to reinterpret different dimensions (personal as well as public, individual as well as shared), suggesting a prevailing interest towards the past as marked by the extended use of the black-and-white feature.
Everything we remember, everything we have lived personally or something we read, heard or saw is the predominant subject of a reality observed and analysed from infinitely different points of view.
Public and private, personal and collective are the two conflicting protagonists of the exhibition. Those who worked on the first aspect were able to create pictures centred on roots, families, grief (for a loss) or hope (for the future). The result is a personal diary built on images potentially causing a visual ‘madeleine effect’: hit by those visual fragments, the public is immediately involved in other people’s story, in other people’s life.
It is not important whether they represent details, portraits or still lifes: either poetic compositions, old family pictures as well as unfamiliar scenes can suddenly become our stories too.
On the other side, all the artists more involved into the public sphere and interested in serious themes mainly created series of documentaristic and objective images. They developed various photographic reportages around topics like climate change, obsolete technologies or the landscape’s changes through time.
More than simple descriptions, they can be better defined as warnings, statements against the government and the authorities.
All in all, Memories can be considered as an exhibition on our world, as captured by the artist’s eye and then graphically reinterpreted, consciously corrupted, otherwise reproduced.


La stagione espositiva presso lo Spazio Millepiani di Roma prosegue con la mostra “Memories”, aperta al pubblico dal 5 ottobre all’1 novembre 2018. Il tema principale della collettiva, già messo in evidenza dal titolo, è quello della memoria, del ricordo, che fa capolino attraverso una serie di opere fotografiche e digitali di artisti internazionali selezionati per l’occasione.
Le immagini, perlopiù in bianco e nero – a segnalare l’interesse nei confronti di una dimensione passata, o comunque diversa da quella in cui viviamo –, intendono ripensare la sfera privata o collettiva e condivisa attraverso una chiave comune, un filo conduttore. La memoria, ossia ciò che abbiamo vissuto personalmente, oppure qualcosa che ricordiamo di aver letto, sentito o visto, è il soggetto pressoché unico di una stessa realtà osservata in modi infinitamente diversi.
Pubblico e privato, personale o collettivo sono i due principali binomi attorno a cui ruotano i lavori in mostra.


Shots from Exhibition

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