“Krug života” u selekciji Rome Art Week, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, Rim, Italija / “The Circle of life is in the selection of Rome Art Week, Ospizio Giovani Artisti , Rome, Italy

Rome Art Week
La settimana dell’arte contemporanea
Exhibition: IN MEMORIAM
Ospizio Giovani Artisti, OGA
23. ottobre – 2 novembre 2018
Via Cernala 15, Rome, Italy

Dobrodošli / Welcome / Benvenuto

Artists: Milan Zulic, Neno Belchev, Laís Catalano Aranha, Roy Ferré, Werther Germondari, John Graham, Julian Harper, Nari Hong, Vincenzo Monticelli Cuggiò, Mauricio Sanhueza, il7-Marco Settembre, José Simões.

The death and the memory of those who are no longer among us are the main themes of this exhibition. The loss of someone or a past that is dear to us is treated with very different means and intentions, and with very poetic approaches. But, among the works of the twelve artists present, to dissolve the funereal climate, we also find surreal, political and desecrating works. All as always coming from the OGA Collection.

Program: OGA

Video Milan Zulic: https://vimeo.com/150488480

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