“Krug života” u selekciji Rihter Festa, Moskva, Rusija 2017. / “The Circle of Life” on the selection of RichterFest, Moscow, Russia 2017

Centar za nauku i umetnost, 19. avgust 2017, Moskva / Science and Art Center, 19 August 2017, Moscow

The festival is independent and runs for the third year already. Festival devoted to new experimental and improvisational music and video art from selected artists from Russia, Denmark, Nederland, USA, Poland, Japan, UK, Austria, France, Estonia, Korea, Italy, Ukraine, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, Iran and Serbia. The festival will be open in Science and Art Center in Moscow.

Program: Richterfest



“Krug života” je stara bakina chipka koju sam petlju po petlju parao i svaki oparani deo chipke skenirao kako bih kasnije sve te petlje digitalno pokrenuo u jedan niz i tako ponovo ispleo chipku, ali ovaj put novom savremenom tehnologijom. To je i pricha o kreativnom kontaktu sa pretcima, ali i o životnom krugu svakog ponaosob.

“Circle of life” is my old grandma’s lace which I did unlaced, part by part, and each part of the lace scanned to make them, digitally in a moving line and make from it a new lace, but with a new technology. This is a story of my contact with my ancestors, and the circle of life of each of us.

Music: Adrian Portia – “Two tribes” http://adrianportia.com/

Video Milan Zulic: https://vimeo.com/150488480

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