“Krug života” na Video Vortex Kochi-Muzeris bienalu 2017. Kerala, Indija / “The Circle of Life” on Video Vortex Kochi-Muzeris biennale 2017 Kerala, India

Video Vortex XI: 23-26 February, Kochi-Muzeris bienniale 2017, Kerala, India

Video Vortex XI is an international conference and video exhibition that brings together artists, curators, filmmakers and academics who have been working with video technologies to discuss cutting-edge work about the rapidly changing relationship between the viewer and the image, including the relationship between digital technologies, participatory media, art and activism. Video Vortex XI will take place in the Mill Hall, an old grain mill in Mattanchery, which is one of the locations for the Kochi-Muzeris biennale 2017. Video Vortex XI will form a collateral event to the biennale, which attracts large numbers of artists, curators, scholars and tourists from around the world. Video Vortex XI is being organised by the School of New Humanities & Design, Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology in collaboration with the University of Bilkent, Ankara, and the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam.

Program: Video Vortex



“Krug života” je stara bakina chipka koju sam petlju po petlju parao i svaki oparani deo chipke skenirao kako bih kasnije sve te petlje digitalno pokrenuo u jedan niz i tako ponovo ispleo chipku, ali ovaj put novom savremenom tehnologijom. To je i pricha o kreativnom kontaktu sa pretcima, ali i o životnom krugu svakog ponaosob.

“Circle of life” is my old grandma’s lace which I did unlaced, part by part, and each part of the lace scanned to make them, digitally in a moving line and make from it a new lace, but with a new technology. This is a story of my contact with my ancestors, and the circle of life of each of us.

Music: Adrian Portia – “Two tribes” http://adrianportia.com/

Video Milan Zulic: https://vimeo.com/150488480

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