“Krug života” u Zagrebu po pozivu britanskog selektora i kriticara Neila Younga / “The Circle of Life” in Zagreb at the invitation of the British selector and critic Neil Young

Shorts programme by Neil Young
December 13th 2016
Cinema / Kino Tuškanac, Zagreb, Croatia
Dobrodošli! Welcome!

Dear Milan Zulic
I am writing about your film ‘The Circle of Life’ which I was fortunate enough to see in Belgrade at the AFV festival. I have been asked to curate a shorts programme to be shown one evening in Zagreb in December and would like to
include your film. I went over my favourite short films from the last few years, and tried to find connections between some of them. Music seemed like a good one!

Best regards
Neil Young
Film-critic and curator

Program: Kratki utorak


“Krug života” je stara bakina chipka koju sam petlju po petlju parao i svaki oparani deo chipke skenirao kako bih kasnije sve te petlje digitalno pokrenuo u jedan niz i tako ponovo ispleo chipku, ali ovaj put novom savremenom tehnologijom. To je i pricha o kreativnom kontaktu sa pretcima, ali i o životnom krugu svakog ponaosob.

“Circle of life” is my old grandma’s lace which I did unlaced, part by part, and each part of the lace scanned to make them, digitally in a moving line and make from it a new lace, but with a new technology. This is a story of my contact with my ancestors, and the circle of life of each of us.

Music: Adrian Portia – “Two tribes” http://adrianportia.com/

Video Milan Zulic: https://vimeo.com/150488480

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